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Do you believe in experience, professionalism, and affordability? If you do, then welcome to garage door repair Holly Springs!  We offer some of the best services in Memphis Area, with highly trained professionals who know how to fix garage doors.  Has a tree recently fallen onto your garage? Has someone accidently crashed into it? Whether you need a garage door replacement, or you need to fix a mechanical problem, we will be there for you.

The Uniqueness of the Garage Door

There is something wholly unique about the garage door.  At garage door repair Holly Springs MS we know this.  Sure, at first glance it doesn’t seem like anything unique, or even relevant to our well-being.  However, consider a little bit of garage door history.  The history of the garage door dates almost all the way back to 450 B.C.  Back then, chariots were stored in gatehouses.   Let that sink in for a moment – what exactly is a gatehouse?  The point is that people soon realized how practical garages were.   In 1906, the first lifting garage door was introduced in a catalogue.  After that, well, the rest is history.  Garages had a bit of a revolution and can now be found in nearly every home across North American.  It has become part of society in a way that is engrained in the very culture of who we are.  It is for these reasons that garage door repair Holly Springs MS has found a place in the market.

What is one of the most important aspects of the garage?  If you ask any technician at garage door repair, they will tell you that it is without a doubt the garage door.  The garage door is the ‘gate’ to what lies beyond – if you want to talk about things in metaphorical terms.   Without a quality garage door, a garage basically becomes useless.   Unfortunately, there are many different ways a garage door can become damaged.   For instance,

Nature:  The natural elements are hard to predict – and are hard to control.  Garage door repair Holly Springs MS doesn’t like to admit it, but we still can’t effectively predict when the next rain storm will come, or when the next thunderstorm with strike.   Wind storms, rain storms, as well as other natural storms may damage your garage door. For example, a falling tree is one of the most common reasons why people call us.

Mechanical Failure:  Unfortunately, due to the fact that most garage doors have a very mechanical component to their design, as they are engineered this way, there can often be unforeseen problems.  These problems may be the door not opening properly, or maybe not even opening at all.  The problem here is that, especially with the newer types of garage doors, that if the mechanics don’t work, the door doesn’t work. we have trained professionals who specialize in these kinds of repairs.

Accidents:  You’ve seen the skit before on Saturday Night Live.  You know the one.   The parent is teaching his kid how to drive.  They’re sitting in the drive way, preparing for a cruise around the block.  The kid puts the car in gear, pushes the gas pedal and then… reverses.  He accelerates backwards into the garage door, creating a massive hole.  The point here is simple: accidents do happen.  We believes that it is important that you know the reasons behind the damage so you can go forward without any hassle.

What can you do if any of the above scenarios occur?  One way is to call a local garage door repair service such as.   Using garage door repair Holly Springs MS is one of the best ways to ensure that your garage is repaired completely, as well as efficiently.   Sure, you can try to repair the garage door yourself – and you may find that it’s very easy to do.  However, if the repairs are extensive, or complex, then it may prove beneficial for you to contact a repair service.  We save you time and, sometimes, might even save you some money (if the repairs are very expensive, it will be cheaper to higher us the job done).

Repairing a Garage Door – The Facets of Repairing

One of the more common kinds of garage doors is overhead doors.  These types of garage doors roll up in sections, or swing up in one piece.  In other words, they operate on spring tensions, something that can be easily misplaced or misused.  Because the door moves on metal tracks that move on the garage walls, they can be very vulnerable to mechanical failure.  And this is where we comes in.  The professional technicians know exactly where the problems sprout up on these kinds of doors and therefore know exactly how to fix them. It makes the entire process very straightforward. 

In general, garage door repair Holly Springs may do one of the following:

Check the Metal Tracks:  The mounting that holds the tracks to the sides of the wall are one of the most important aspects of a garage doors mechanics. If these are faulty, the door can’t open.  What professional repair technicians will do is first check to see if any faulty mounting exists – if so, this what they will proceed to fix first.

Properly Aligned:  Think of a mechanics class you took in college – if you took one.  What was one of the most important things taught in that class?  Basically, it was the knowledge that mechanics work best when everything works together effectively.  If things aren’t aligned, this can’t happen.

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