Overheating Car Engine Can Leave You Stranded

There are certain main parts of a car that needs constant attention. Even if you take your car for regular servicing, you still need to be vigilant about certain issues. However, if you remain ignorant about problems like overheating of the car engine or reduced fan speed or brake oil spill, then you are most likely inviting an ugly situation.The problem of overheating of a car engine is quite common. All the more, it is not considered significant issue and generally attributed to low level of coolant or engine oil. However, the real problem can be deep rooted and the consequences really bad. Therefore, it is required that once you feel the thermostat is heading north, take your car to a reputed car service that has the best car mechanic in Vancouver.

A normal mechanic does not check the problem of overheating of the engine beyond primary level. They even blame it to overuse of the air conditioner. However, on the contrary, the temperature of the engine substantially decreases once you start the air conditioner. A local car mechanic, that is not formally trained also find the age of the engine as culprit to the problem. But, many trained car mechanics in Vancouver advise to switch on the air conditioner to reduce the heat of the engine.A local mechanic may not be able to provide you along term solution to this problem and thus engine is prone to going dead anytime. Think of getting stranded amidst a creek. It is not at all a wonderful feeling. And thus it is better to seek assistance of a quality car service that can resolve the overheating problem of the engine.

However, if your car breaks down before you can reach to a mechanic and you do not want to get the vehicle towed down to the service centre, then you can make certain checks by yourself. The coolant level and engine oil level are a must to be checked. If these two are at their correct level, then do check their viscosity. If it has gone thin, it is time to get them changed. Moreover, you also need to check the air filter and oil filter. Make sure the oil filter is not leaking out the engine oil.You can also put some more water in the coolant chamber and spill some over the engine. It will cool down the engine quickly. Try to start the engine and turn on the air conditioner and take it to the best car mechanic in Vancouver for proper servicing of the engine.