When to Undergo Tire Replacement

It is extremely important for our vehicles' competence, good performance and road safety to have high-quality working tires. We all rely on them to get us to our destinations safely. They are made to carry out a long-lasting performance. On the other hand, tires, like any other object will eventually lose its performance because of different reasons.
How to know when your vehicle needs a tire replacement? When deciding to have them replaced, you need to be cautious of these following things:

  1. Watch out for the tread wear. The tread's function is to avert water from underneath the tires to improve grip. We need to watch out for tread wear as it may cause our safety. When our tires tread are worn, the vehicle cannot have a good grip on the road and may react inadequately in bad weather such as rain and snow.
    Using a penny, you can test if your tires are still good or if it needs to be replaced. First, place a penny upside down, at the thickest part of your tire's tread. You have to make sure that the coin if facing you. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head or his hair, a tire replacement is deemed needed because this means that your tires are already worn out and shallow. However, if Lincoln's hair is not visible, your tires do not need to be replaced yet.
  2. Our tires' exposure to different kinds of elements such as heat and ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can cause much damage to our tires, too. Tires that have cut, cracks, blisters, or damaged caused by road hazards should be replaced immediately for it will weaken the tire's internal structure and exposing it more will lead to a more serious breakdown. Have your tires checked regularly to make sure it can still carry out its utmost performance.
  3. Another important thing to watch out for is the tire's age. Tires should be cautiously inspected once in a while to check if they are still in good condition and if there are underlying damages. Tires which have been used for more than six years should be replaced as it may not be as serviceable as before. Most tire manufacturers recommend having tire replacement every six years to 10 years the most as it is the tire's legal wear limit. It is best to check your tires manufacturer's recommendations.
    You are responsible for every tire that is installed on your vehicle. Using wrong sized tires for your vehicles can lead to an accident or much worse, death. The things listed above are only guidelines.

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